NEXT! There’s always the NEXT key decision. Finding or allocating resources. Or? A project has flatlined, hemorrhaging resources. With a speciality in project work, we can team with you in Launch, Growth, Recovery or Exit.

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Pragmatically, each project is framed within time limits and budgets. With our immersion, we work with you to identify key issues, defining the problem and generating possible solutions,

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Project teams and expertise are custom assembled to meet client needs for business development, start-up infrastructure, marketing, sales, training, facilitation, strategic planning and business plans.

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Who are Our Clients?

Our clients are early stage start-ups, universities, hospitals, wellness and digital health companies, small businesses and social purpose organizations.

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About Us

Tracey Wiseman

Twenty + years work history, acting as Producer/ Manager/ Marketer/ Resource Developer for start-ups, small businesses, universities, nonprofits and hospitals.

Tracey Wiseman specializes in working with businesses, startup entrepreneurs and social purpose organizations, offering project management expertise. Beginning in the dotcom era, Tracey immersed within lean management cultures; she knows how to roll up her sleeves and execute tactically with company teams. Wiseman is experienced in working cross-functionally and collaborating across product, engineering, sales, marketing, operations and technology teams.

Her experience working as project lead and advisor to leaders offers expertise in strategic planning, growth strategies, programming, and coordination of multi-party initiatives.

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